Marshill @ Roodepoort is firmly committed to the Doctrines of Grace as expressed in the Reform Faith. What that means is that we are fully sold out on the Truths as it is found in the Holy Scriptures. As the Reformation, during the 1600’s sought to bring about reform, to the church that has become distorted and obscured because of tradition and un-biblical practices and ideologies, so we believe that ‘the default mode of the human heart’ to quote Martin Luther, has not changed, and still seeks after a works-righteousness. Therefore we believe that the need for Reformation still exists. Thus the necessity for ‘sola Scriptura’. We also believe that the Old and New Testament in its original languages is divinely inspired as the biblical authors spoke from God when they were carried along by the Holy Spirit. We believe that the bible is ultimate standard for the faith and practice of the church. By the Bible we test what is good practice for the church. By the Bible we judge what to believe and what not to believe.


Second, we turn away from any self help or works salvation and turn to Jesus Christ as the ONLY way for Salvation. We believe that Jesus Christ is THE ALL SUFFECIENT SAVIOUR for God’s elect.  Jesus Christ’s life, death, resurrection, ascension, and now seated at Right hand of God, and His Parousia has provided a full and complete Salvation for all the people of God.


Third, in addition to Holy Scripture alone, and in Jesus Christ alone, but also through Faith alone (Sola Fide) and by Grace alone (Sola Gratia). Therefore, we enter into God’s salvation by faith in Jesus Christ. It is through believing the gospel (good news) of his death and resurrection and trusting in him that our sins are forgiven and we are regarded as the beloved children of God. His sacrifice cancels all our sins. His resurrection brings eternal life to us. By faith we receive Christ and all that he has accomplished for us. In him our salvation is complete, even though we have yet to experience that salvation completely. Yet we have assurance that we are now saved, are being saved, and will be saved on the last day.

Fourthly, the reason the Reformed Faith renounces all human effort to achieve salvation is because it recognises that salvation is receives through the work of the Holy Spirit. He not only brings and unites us to Christ, but also causes us to be regenerated (born again). The Spirit of God renews our minds and our wills, enabling us to believe in Jesus Christ and keeping us in that faith all our lives. It is the Holy Spirit who leads us away from sin unto obedience toward God. He is the source of our desire to do what pleases the Lord. The Spirit of God works in us to will and to do according to His good pleasure.